Troubleshooting of projects

The world of projects is getting more and more complex. And it can happen that a project does not progress as desired or has never been really initiated.

This happens oftentimes during mergers or takeovers of company segments or corporations.

So it happens that…
  • projects never really gain momentum
  • project objectives remain vague and not properly defined
  • additional requirements encumber and delay a project
  • risks are ignored or played down
  • promised resources are not delivered
  • information is withheld
  • conflicts and crises are kept secret and are not discussed
  • problems are put off
  • the budget is too low, for „political reasons“
  • a short deadline is impending
  • the motivation of the project staff is sagging

Together with you we will get your project back on track. Pragmatically, clearly and honestly. Benefit from our vast experience in the handling of larger as well as smaller projects. We will support you in both word and deed.